Tuyển dụng Online Marketing Executive

Làm việc tại: Viet Nhat Training And International Education Development Co.,ltd 638 ngày trước

Cần tuyển Online Marketing Executive Làm việc tại Hà Nội Chức vụ: Nhân viên. Công việc chính làm Quảng cáo, Khuyến mãi, Đối ngoại, Tài chính, Đầu tư, Internet, Online Media. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Không giới hạn

We are searching for online marketing executive. The job will involve following tasks:
• Write; review contents of website, articles, announcements, email notices….
• Provide recommendations on the improvement of website to increase website traffic and performance
• Analyze the performance of content and marketing activities and suggest appropriate and time marketing strategies
• Conduct market research and anticipate budget related to each promotional and advertising campaign and monthly
•Analyze customer lifetime value to calculate costs per acquisition to ensure profitable requirement with rapid paybacks and high lifetime
• Research, review and maintain an understanding of current online marketing and related technologies
• With marketing team, in charge of brand development and implement marketing strategies effectively to ensure the success of marketing plans; and to achieve business success
• Our global markets: Japan/ China / South Korea / Vietnam / Malaysia / Thailand / Indonesia
*Job Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relation or equivalent
• 3-year online marketing experience
• Good background in sales, advertising, media
• Hands on and proven experience with Google Adwords, SEM, SEO, social media,
• A strong internet and IT knowledge
• A strong understanding of web user experience and digital trends
• Familiar with web analytics tools, market research, analysis
• Ability to work well in a fast-paced environment with many priorities and time deadlines
• Excellent English skills, particularly speaking and writing

*Personality Requirements
• Being pro-active and self-motivated
• Have an interest in keeping up with the latest marketing trends
• Hard working, responsible, strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Ability of working independently and teamwork, can work well under high pressure.
• Ready to work overtime

*Remuneration Package
• Salary: $500 ~ $700, with lucrative add-ons;
• Bonus : Twice a year (equivalent to 2 months salary);
• Well-equipped with insurance package regulated by Labor Law;
• Salary Review: 2 times/year based on employee’s performance and contribution;
• Other benefits as per stated in Vietnamese Labor Law;
• Having opportunities to go abroad to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

It’s compulsory to apply for the job by filling in our Application/CV outlet in the link below:
Please do not send application/CV via Vietnamworks.
We would accept application/CV in English only.

Thông Tin Nhà Tuyển Dụng

VIET NHAT TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION COMPANY LIMITED is dedicated to provide professional and high quality services in Training, Education, Consultation and Trade Promotion. Currently, we are focusing on online businesses which include online financial, maintenance and management consulting services. We are targeting worldwide customers with a vision to become the most dynamic enterprise in online service industry.
Due to our rapid expansion, we are in short of the talented people who can work with us to materialize our vision.
We are all aware that online companies must run at full speed to compete in every moment every day. Thus, we are waiting for those who can run at full speed from the heart.Xem thêm Qui mô công ty: 25-99
Tên người liên hệ: Ms. Yen

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