Việc Làm Customer Service Manager

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Cần tuyển Customer Service Manager Làm việc tại Hồ Chí Minh Chức vụ: Trưởng phòng. Công việc chính làm Ngân hàng, Dịch vụ khách hàng, Tài chính, Đầu tư. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 30-09-2013

-Lead and manage the customer care team.
-To ensure customer care team operations align with company process, procedure, and policies.
-Being involved in staff recruitment , appraisals andtrainingto delivera high standard of customer service;
-Drive process, policy and procedure change
-Lead and involvein improvement of Process/Procedure to optimize processto increase customers’ satisfaction.
-Communicate courteously with customers
-Investigate and solve customers’ problems.
-Writing feedback letter / E-mail to customers,
-Keep accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers;
-Makedaily/weekly/monthly reports
-Analyze statistics or other data to suggest plan to improve customer service and customer satisfaction.
-Communicate with other departments to solve clients’ issues if required.
-Plan budget and headcount of customer service and manage the budget.
-Identify root causes of issues and put forward proposals to the OPS management team for improving the system and service to ensure that a longer
term solution is provided
-Coach, train and support subordinate
-Other tasks assigned by Operation Manager
– University level (preferably a Law degree)
- Good at English
- Experience in managing a customer service/care team at least 2 years
- Communication skills
- Fundamentals of management
- Cooperation, leadership, innovation
- Training skills
- Presentation skills
- Experiences in Customer Service/Care in banking, financial services or service delivery industries
- Set up of Customer Service/Care policies, processes and teams
– Experience with SBV or Government departments related to regulation, policies or circulars

Thông Tin Nhà Tuyển Dụng

Home Credit Vietnam
On 20th April 2009, PPF group officially started operating in Vietnam, with headquaters based in Ho Chi Minh City and will bring consumer finance to Vietnam under Home Credit brand.

With its quick, simple, convenient services, Home Credit brings the best financial solutions to Vietnamese customers. At present, we are focusing on the high demand services of:

• Motorbike installment loans
• Cash loans
• Consumer loans Qui mô công ty: 1.000-4.999
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